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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finland to launch improved Fi-domain name service

"Finland's telecom regulator Ficora announced that an upgraded fi-domain name service will be launched soon. As a result of the launch process, applying for new fi-domain names or making changes to existing ones will not be possible from 17 September at 8:00hrs until 19 September at 10:00hrs.

The improved fi-domain name service offers users a more user-friendly way of applying for fi-domain names as well as for renewing, terminating and paying for them. At the same time, the system takes into consideration the modern requirements for electronic services better than before. The renewed service introduces the so-called DNSSec support to improve the information security of fi-domain names. The service also contains full IPv6 support, which is critical since it is believed that IPv6 connections will grow strongly in the future as available IPv4 addresses can no longer be assigned.

The improvements in the service contain added information on domain names for different user groups, such as companies, organisations and private persons. The service provides answers to such questions as who is entitled to apply for a domain name, to whom are fi-domain names granted, what can be registered as a domain name, what are domain names used for and the ways in which one can apply for a domain name.

The service has a specific section for service providers who can be authorised to apply for a domain name and assists domain name applicants in matters concerning the name server, server status and e-mail servers."

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