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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Interim Trust Anchor Repository "Beta"

IANA provides an Interim Trust Anchor Repository to share the key material required to perform DNSSEC verification of signed top-level domains, in lieu of a signed DNS root zone. This is a temporary service until the DNS root zone is signed, at which time the keying material will be placed in the root zone itself, and this service will be discontinued.

What is the ITAR for?
The Interim Trust Anchor Repository, or ITAR, acts as a mechanism to disseminate "trust anchors" that have been provided by the operators of top-level domains who use DNSSEC to secure their zones. IANA is responsible for managing the DNS root zone, and uses these existing trust relationships to verify the supplied trust anchors come from the correct party. The system is considered interim as it is designed to be deprecated once the DNS root zone itself is signed with DNSSEC.

What is a Beta?
This is a preliminary testing version of the service for the community to try. We will take feedback and improve the product before it is considered fully production ready. In particular, we appreciate feedback on problems that occur, as well as features that could be added to make the service more useful. You can send any comments on this beta to

Who may submit trust anchors?
This repository is limited to trust anchors for top-level domains. Top-level domain operators who have DNSSEC-signed their zones may use this service. The IANA contacts for a domain must cross-verify their intent to publish anchors before they will be accepted by IANA into the ITAR, so third parties are not able to submit trust anchors without their consent.

How is this connected to IANA's DNSSEC test bed?
This is a different project. The IANA DNSSEC test bed offers a signed DNS root zone (see Trust anchors supplied to the ITAR, however, will be used for the DNSSEC test bed.

How can I download the trust anchors?
The trust anchor formats are distributed either via HTTP (above), Rsync (rsync://, and FTP ( We also provide a digest of the file, and a PGP signature, to help verify the contents. During initial testing were are using a PGP key with ID 81D464F4.

Why does the repository contain DS records, rather than DNSKEY records?
The trust anchor repository is designed to replicate the same trust information that would be stored in the DNS root zone, if the DNS root zone were signed. Therefore, we store the DS records from top-level domains. Recognising that some DNS validating resolver implementations do not accept DS records as configurable trust anchors, we have provided a tool that can convert DS records to DNSKEY records if you require that.

How can I get announcements relating to ITAR?
We have set up an ITAR announcement mailing list. You can subscribe at We will post significant announcements here, as well as any advisories such as key revocations.

Please contact us at with any questions or comments.


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