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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Afilias to Provide 1-Click DNSSEC Service to Simplify DNS Security Rollout

GovSec 2009/booth # 301

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)-Today Afilias announced the beta launch of 1-Click DNSSEC TM , an enhancement to its Managed DNS Service, that allows organizations, corporations and government agencies to enable DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) on their domains, quickly and easily. Afilias is currently accepting ‘proof of concept’ testing customers and expects to officially rollout 1-Click DNSSEC TM as a service available to all of the Afilias Managed DNS customers later this year.

“Afilias’ 1-Click DNSSEC makes it simple and cost-effective to implement DNSSEC, as it requires no new customer hardware or software and it eliminates customer worries about issuing, distributing or maintaining DNSSEC keys,” said John Kane, Vice President of Corporate Services for Afilias. “DNSSEC adoption has been slowed in the past by these costly and complex stumbling blocks, but Afilias has solved these problems. 1-Click DNSSEC is a complete solution and allows anyone to sign their zone with one simple click.”

Afilias’ 1-Click DNSSEC is an add-on service to its Managed DNS product that already provides users with the most diverse, globally available infrastructure to manage traffic to their Web presence.

In addition to Afilias’ 100% uptime guarantee, 1-Click DNSSEC TM will provide users with:

- Automatic creation of the public/private keys required for DNSSEC
- Seamless key management and key rollover
- Easy coordination with participating ICANN-accredited registrars sponsoring the domains to be signed
- Distribution of public keys to parent zones, Trust Anchor Repositories and DNSSEC Look-Aside Validation (DLV) registries.


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