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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

F5 Highlights New Security Features In BIG-IP 10.1

"Application Delivery Network vendor F5 has rolled out a number of security functionality features on their BIG-IP appliances. Along with enhanced protection against automated scanners and bots, the 10.1 release also delivers DNSSEC compliance, expanded IP geolocation and improved reporting.

For many enterprises, the DNSSEC updates are likely going to be the biggest draw to 10.1. The added security extension, meant to protect domain names from spoofing attacks, provides a trusted link between user and host. Unfortunately, this level of trust does not exist when a traffic manager, such as the BIG-IP's Global Traffic Manager, is redirecting traffic based on location or traffic load. F5's solution is to deliver the signed responses from the BIG-IP itself, making it the trusted host, ensuring compliance without having to re-engineer the application server environment behind it. F5 claims that their BIG-IP DNSSEC solution is the first to market among competitors in the load balancing space."

Source: F5 Highlights New Security Features In BIG-IP 10.1, Michael Brandenburg, Retrieved on November 18, 2009 from


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