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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OpenDNSSEC Available To Download Today

"The OpenDNSSEC project group today announces the availability of its open source software that will make it easier for Internet service providers, web hosting companies and name service operators to enhance Internet security. OpenDNSSEC is available to download at:

Developed by industry leaders including .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation), NLNetLabs, Nominet, Kirei, SURFnet, SIDN and John Dickinson, OpenDNSSEC will seamlessly integrate domain name security extensions (DNSSEC) into already existing IT systems without the need for organisations to change their infrastructure.

How does it work?

DNSSEC secures the information used to translate domain names (such as to computer addresses by adding to it a cryptographic signature created by a securely held key. When the information is retrieved as a result of a DNS query, the signature is also returned.

The computer making the query checks the information received against the signature. As it is impossible to create the correct signature without the secure key, a match implies that the information is authentic – it was retrieved from the correct place and was not modified in transit.

OpenDNSSEC is software that simplifies the process of creating and managing the DNSSEC signatures. Available under the BSD licence, it can be downloaded and installed on existing systems, and quickly set up to provide a secure DNS service.

Lesley Cowley, CEO at Nominet comments: "OpenDNSSEC ensures that the domain name system is not tampered with, and that Internet users are directed to a preferred web site without intervention. This piece of software provides an extra layer of security to the DNS. The collaboration in evidence, shows that the Internet community is committed to forging a safer, more trusted Internet for all."

For further information about how OpenDNSSEC works or to download the beta, please visit"

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