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Friday, September 18, 2009

Iran testing DNSSEC domain security

From the 'No UN Inspectors Required' files:

The Islamic Republic of Iran is now testing out DNSSEC (DNS Security) for the its dot ir (.ir) country code domain.

That's right, Iran is now improving the security of its domain. Politics of what is going on in Iran (elections, nuclear aspirations) aside, the move towards DNSSEC is a good thing. According to Iran's nic @ir domain registration authority, a DNSSEC testbed began operations on Aug 30, 2009 and will continue until Feb 26, 2010.

Iran will be joining .se, .org and .edu (among others) as DNSSEC secured domain space. This means that at some point in 2010, the authenticity and security of domain holders in Iran will be better than it is today.

No one should really be surprised by this move as the move to DNSSEC is at this point a global movement that is now really starting to pick up momentum.In the summer of 2008, the Internet was rocked by the revelation that the Domain Name System (DNS), one of the core infrastructures of the Internet, was vulnerable to attack. The ultimate solution to the DNS vulnerability according to many security experts is DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) While the total number of actual domains secured by DNSSEC today is relatively small by my count, it's a number that I expect to grow exponentially in 2010.


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