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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

.eu plans to support DNSSEC

Brussels, 28 October 2009 - EURid is pleased to announce that all .eu
accredited registrars now have access to a .eu DNSSEC testbed.
Providing this access is the first step in .eu support for Domain
Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), a protocol that is intended
to make the domain name system more secure.

The testbed will help EURid understand the technical demands of
running the NSEC3 version of DNSSEC in combination with dynamic
updates. It will also help the registry evaluate response times and
measure the performance of zone file generation in the specific .eu
environment. Finally, it will help EURid learn more about certain
administrative processes required by DNSSEC. That includes the
recalculation of signatures during a process which is known as key
roll over.

"We want to work closely with our registrars to find out the best way
to launch DNSSEC together to benefit .eu users," comments Marc Van
Wesemael, EURid General Manager. "At this time, few top-level domain
registries offer DNSSEC support. We encourage all in the community to
help Internet users by embracing DNSSEC." 

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