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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

US Department of the Interior To Use Secure64 DNSSEC Appliance

The US Department of the Interior has purchased Secure64 Software Corporation's DNS Signer product to meet the Office of Management and Budget's December 2009 mandate that requires all federal agencies to add Domain Name System Security Extensions (or DNSSEC).
The Department of Interior is the latest in a growing list of government agencies that has selected Secure64 DNS Signer, according to its Wednesday announcement. With DNS responsible for translating between host names and IP addresses on Internet-connected systems, the OMB issued a mandate that all federal agencies must implement DNSSEC by December 2009 as part of its cyber security strategy.

"DOI required a solution able to sign for the entire department, including all component bureaus and offices, so scalability was a factor in our decision," Department of Interior chief technology officer William Corrington said in a statement. "Even more importantly, we needed an automated product with the highest level of security to prevent signature forging. We selected Secure64 DNS Signer because it met all of our requirements and successfully completed a pilot deployment in three days."

In addition to managing the natural resources of the US, Secure64 chief executive officer and director Steve Goodbarn said DOI has been prepared for natural disasters, such as floods, wildfires, and earthquakes. "The resiliency of their Internet communications is critical to meet these missions and the department has taken a leadership role in deploying an efficient and reliable IT architecture," Goodbarn said in a statement. "We are proud to be part of these efforts and to enable reliable, timely, and cost-effective deployment of DNSSEC."

Source: "US Department of the Interior To Use Secure64 DNSSEC Appliance", David Hamilton, Retrieved on October 21, 2009 from

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